Our Brick Tiles Product Range

We offer a comprehensive range of brick tiles. We are proud to have the capacity, know-how and resources to manufacture our own products. This gives us the confidence to present you with quality products that we ourselves trust and understand, as we were part of the manufacturing process. Our product range is both vast and versatile. We have both indoor and outdoor brick tiles for residential and commercial applications alike.


Bricktiles are cut from high quality face claybricks. An accurate diamond cutting process and strict quality control ensures the highest quality every time.

Benefits of Bricktiles
  • Never paint again
  • Maintenance free
  • Quick & Easy to apply
  • Durable
  • An answer to damp problems
  • Increase property value instantly
  • Various Colours available
  • Environment friendly
Why choose any other finish? Bricktiles are a practical alternative to traditional plastered finishes. It can be applied to any rigid surface, and gives an authentic face brick look and style, without the mess of a full rebuild.
Bricktiles can be applied to :
  • Dry Walling
  • Concrete surfaces
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Painted surfaces
  • Isolated panels
  • Interior and exterior applications on any non-flexible surface
  • Offices and Restaurants
  • Residential property (indoor&outdoor)
  • Renovations of buildings (new or old)
  • MOISTURE RISING DAMP! The damp inside existing walling material causes paint to blister and peel. By chipping the damaged paint layer and applying the Bricktile cladding to the exposed surface, the moisture can continuously evaporate through the Bricktiles!