About Us

The Top Rock Brick Tile Manufacturers Story

Top Rock Brick Tile Manufacturers was established 3 years ago in Gauteng, South Africa as a sister company to Top Rock Marble and granite.

When we started out, our mandate was to supply the international and local markets with reasonably priced quality brick tiles at sensible turnaround times.

Our background and experience in the marble and granite manufacturing industry provided a springboard for us to develop a sharp, high speed diamond cutting process to deliver A-Grade brick tiles every single time.

Each brick tile is individually sliced from the solid clay bricks, allowing for consistent thickness of each individual tile.
Brick and Tile


Brick and Tile

Our Values

From the very inception of our business, we have always regarded providing a personalised service above everything else. We take pride in our established reputation as the brand of choice for brick tiles. We also value:

Investing in the local community

All the materials we use are locally sourced ensuring that we contribute to the local economy. We also work closely with local transport companies and can arrange and manage supply for your convenience.

Our commitment to quality

This is what sets us apart from the rest. We are set and focused on providing quality products and a quality service to give our clients the best value for their money.

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